27. Feb, 2021

The Cards often predict the future, but when does this prediction occour?

A question is asked, a prediction is made and a timescale set. Looking ahead in a reading is not as simple a task as it would appear because predictions come to us in stages. A number of smaller parts making way for a shift and then once this shift is accomplished the prediction is confirmed. That is why a prediction is not straight forwards, a true prediction only occurs at the right time and never occurs until all factors are correct.

Within a reading a prediction is the result of a cause, the effect is interdependent on a number of issues. To put this simply think about what you may have achieved today within your world, would your successes have been the same without a number of variables being present. On a basic level, nothing is achieved on its own, everything is achieved through interdependence.

And so it is within the prediction elements of reading, in order to achieve one aspect other important elements must be correct. It is impossible to predict without considering the whole picture first and any good reading must take the long term view. In doing so, the predictive element can be placed within the broader context. Here is an example.

A friend of mine recently wanted to know if they would acquire the job that they wanted, the change that they hoped for at the time. Within our reading, the cards indeed showed the change and the prediction was that the change would occur within a year, my friend however was still unsure. How could the change occur when the job that they wanted would mean a relocation to another area and that meant in turn that they needed the money to do such a thing. Again within the reading, we saw an increase in finance and that would allow the new job to be found. But how would an increase in finance be found when the job that they currently held would never provide the money to do such a thing. Never the less the cards still predicted this success, still showed the new job occurring and confirmed the need increase in finance for the change in location.

A year later my friend called me from America... So (he said) I have my new job with better money and I have relocated, the cards were right. How did it happen, I asked. Well, said my friend, about 6 months after the reading I lost my job and just as I was about to give up I sold my house to a company that was looking to redevelop the area. I sold it for twice that of what it was worth. Shortly after the sale the company I was interested in working for called me to say that they were ready to hire and the house here in America came with the job, so here I am making twice that which I thought I would and it's rent-free. The cards predicted true! I congratulated my friend and when the phone call ended I was struck with a thought.

Prediction with the cards is often profound but we must respect the small changes within our lives that make that which we want possible.