22. Feb, 2021

Readings update Feb 23rd 2021

It has been a while since I last updated my Tarot work, names and personal areas aside, I have read for a vast array of questions and circumstances this last couple of months and from people from the UK and abroad. Covering areas from relationships to business I have been kept very busy, and I have enjoyed every one of my experiences with my sitters and the readings that they have requested. A few unusual things have happened along the way but everything has been in the main positive and uplifting.

I also decided this month to improve upon the look of my Tarot Table, buying a new Tarot Cloth was one way to refresh my view when working with the cards. I have also purchased a new deck! The first in a long time, and I am very pleased with it as well, sometimes a new deck of cards can bring a change of clarity and help a reader to move away or modify aspects on interpretation. Experimentation is key to a vitalized reading and helps to sharpen the senses, sometimes a new approach through new cards helps with this aspect.

I have also added some more feedback to the (feedback section) found within My World Of Tarot, here on the site. At the same time I have streamlined my booking methods and made it easy for people to book a reading via this site, please see services section.

So, a busy month, but a productive one.

March 7th Update - The Table Improvements Continue!
My obsession with the Tarot Table has continued over the weeks, not settling with one new cloth I have purchased another and that is sitting over the one I purchased previously. The effect is a wonderfully soft and fluffy base for my cards. O the comfort! The new deck is working well. The advantage of working between decks is twofold, whilst changing the view you can refresh your clarity. During this week readings have been strong and I have enjoyed working for new sitters, really a very positive time as far as the reading work goes.

Thankyou All.