12. Feb, 2021

Yes and No Questions...are they possible?

Yes on No....Thats the Question!

A reader will often get asked to place a specific time date on a question or alternatively will be prompted to validate a question as a yes and no answer. The other aspect that often lies hand in hand with the yes/no approach runs along the lines of asking the cards to name a particular location that will become a reality, such as a place, house number or name associated with a forthcoming house move.

Now, when considering if this type of question is possible we first have to look a little deeper into how the cards work and the nature of freewill.

The cards work by revealing the past and present and then applying this knowledge to the future, however, they are not a replacement for free will. What happens in life is within the living and occurs as we evolve. The cards can confirm that a particular action will give a desired result or alternatively a type of approach may place an obstacle in the way of progress.

So, going back to the house move question, the cards can confirm success within the area and also suggest how to speed up the desired move. As for where you will move, that lies within freewill. You will however be abe to eliminate areas that are not suited within a good reading and this may influence your will.

Again, the cards may offer suggestions on the places you are considering, showing which area would be best, which house will be easy to acquire, which way to approach the situation and even how the people that you are buying from will behave throughout your deal. But, as for giving you a firm yes, it should be remembered that this is quite possible, but freewill is of equal value.

Within relationship questions the cards react in a slightly different way to purely material considerations. If one is seeking a relationship with another, freewill does indeed take its place, however, so does emotion. Emotion can enhance freewill and we can be motivated to love someone by a deeper calling that say a house move. Freewill still plays a part however, but the cards can reveal the nature of a relationship to come, the feelings of another that you are looking to start a relationship with or even the outcome of ending a relationship.

Notice, that freewill has not gone away, the question is different but we still drive the outcome.

Within business questions the aspect is often about progress, starting a new venture or looking for a new career. What a reading can show is the skills that you have, the suitability for a position, the type of career that you would do best in or even the money that you could potentially make. When you finish your reading however who are you left with?

´╗┐Yourself and your freewill is the answer.

In other words, nothing is truly fixed within our lives and outcomes change by actions. The cards can show the path and then help us to achieve the will to move forwards, they are also a real and valid tool for shaping our freedoms of the future.

The cards show us how we may change, what to look for and how best to approach situations.

Life is based on freewill, our actions create our future as they created our past.