9. Feb, 2021

Its in the Living!

Many times when asking a question of the cards the answer reveals more than the expected and a new dimension is opened. In enquiring about one aspect the cards reveal further facets of the subject in hand. This is truly fascinating, the cards do not just answer yes or no questions but they mirror to a certain extent the complexity of the question. Quiet often a question is answered the way around that we would like it to be answered, however, at times the cards illuminate areas that were not considered within the question asked; in other words, the cards have a habit of digging deeper and in doing so bring further questions to the process. This is a positive thing, but also a facet that often amazes people, when asking one question you are suddenly presented with a number of alternative possibilities and outcomes. This brings to mind a good medium friend of mine who once said, "It doesn't matter what we predict, life is still that which we make it." So, the cards can show what a particular action may result in within our lives but ultimately it is only the individual who can set in motion the outcomes that are shown as possibilities within the cards. We have freedom of choice, we have power over our lives and the cards do not hold power over us. What they do hold however is a key to greater knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Out of knowledge comes power and Out of power comes choice. Knowledge and Power together equal destiny and destiny is the language of the Tarot.