22. Jan, 2021

Star Death

I was watching a very wonderful program on life after death on TV yesterday and a very interesting theory, by an eminent professor of Psychology was posed. When asked if he believed in life after death he gave the following answer:

" Of course life after death is possible. One only has to look up at the clear night sky to see that this is a reality. The stars that you see often died thousands of years ago, in fact they no longer exist at all. What you are seeing is actually the light that has travelled for thousands of years to reach you and the impression that reaches your eye is of something that once was, but is now gone..."

Bingo, we have life after death. Something can be gone yet still be seen. The death paradox if you will.

This also goes a long way to explaining how the Tarot may work.

A reader is seeing that which was and that which is yet to come because neither events has a fixed place. It is only our minds that attempt to limit and fix our existence.

As the Buddhist often say: The only true law is that nothing is permanent and everything is in a constant state of change. Through grasping at our lives we fix ourselves within our realities and limit our lives.