31. Dec, 2020

The Healing Properties of the Cards

It is safe to state that the cards are not able to heal physical aliments and I know of no reader who would make this claim, the ability to resolve emotional uncertainties is however within the realms of a reading. When one asks a question of the cards they are able to put a frame around an issue of life that is often difficult for them to express in any other ways and the cards have a knack of illuminating areas that are problematic for the sitter and therefore bringing a certain resolve to a situation. This is why I call the cards kind, they express a concern that seems to be an innate part of the process and bring certainty within the most uncertain of situations. Allowing a person to see around a problem clearly opens up choices and can remove the blocks that are not allowing that person to move forwards. So, physical healing no, but mental empowerment, yes! Empowering somebody and giving them hope or even a way to deal with the future can remove the negative and replace the same with a strategy for resolve. So, yes the cards are healing on an emotional level and yes they also bring hope and joy and crucially the cards can help a person to rebuild life choices that have held them back. The cards are capable of rekindling hope and forming happiness.

Nothing is as important as happiness because a life without joy is a life without peace.