30. Dec, 2020

The Magick of Meaning

As a reader, most will begin by studying the deck and discovering the meanings that have been attributed to the cards over the centuries. This works well, readings seem to flow nicely and the general predictive qualities of the cards seem to highlight the question asked. When a reader however has read many times certain patterns begin to emerge, they become an experienced reader. Now a further element of the reading starts to take shape.

As an experienced reader, our reader begins to move onto a further path. The cards before them begin to take on meanings that are not found in books but come from experience. Suddenly, they find themselves reading both back and forth, relating cards from earlier to cards that are revealed later. They start a process by which the future is uncovered as a result of the past. They are reading without props.

After a while something else happens, and this one takes time. The cards are no longer the main focus because images are seen through the cards that spark the Psychic aspect of the reading. Outcomes are shown through the cards and seen at the same time by the mind's eye. These images are a confirmation that the reader is using both psychic skill and traditional meanings to form a picture of the past, present and future. This is the third stage.

Thats why I call the act of reading dimensional. It does not involve one single process, but a culmination of reading skills.