29. Dec, 2020

A Medium, A Psychic, A Clairvoyant, A...?

So, I have been asked many times, if a Tarot Reader is a medium, if a medium is a clairvoyant, if a clairvoyant is a psychic etc and onwards. Let me put the record straight.

Their are many types of reader. Firstly, those who rely upon the interpretation of the cards from prescribed meaning, they are not usually psychic, and they do not pretend to be. However, a reader can develop the skills needed to become psychic through meditation and development circles. If they do this, then the cards take on a further meaning, they become mirrors to a further dimension. I have to say however, that there are also some excellent readers, who are not developed as a psychic.

So how about a medium, what would a medium offer that a psychic does not?

The basic distinction between a medium and a psychic is that one deals with future predictions (the realms of the Tarot) and the other brings messages back from deceased relatives (the realm of the medium). Some mediums, however, use the skills learnt through mediumship (which includes psychic training) to read cards, and some Tarot Readers use mediumistic skills to enhance the reading.


Look at it like this. If you want a reading, you have three main options. Firstly the straight Tarot option: find a good reader who relies upon intuition and knowledge for the reading.


If you want a in depth reading, then look for a Psychic who reads the cards. They will use the skills learnt over years to add dimensions to the reading.


If you want to contact a deased relative consult a medium.

Three different paths to the same result. The illumination of a world otherwise not seen.