28. Nov, 2020

Past, Present and Future. How do the cards see into these things?

In a sense the past, present and future rely upon each other for their very existence, like a series of bridges or supports that lead to a conclusion. However, the end is never really the end, only a new beginning, and the conclusion only opens up the possibilities of a new chapter. So, the cards magnify the past to show the present, then they illuminate the present to show the future. I often call my readings "dimensional" because any good reading will look all around an area, to draw upon the many aspects that a question is covering. For example, I will not just say that a relationship is difficult without asking why? And, I will not ask why, without considering where the relationship will lead. In other words, from one dimension to another, from one phase to another, from one thought, to a new possibility. Readings that are not given with dimension in mind become "one dimensional" they lack the ability to look forward and draw conclusions. The cards are so much more that.

A dimensional reading also uncovers the secrets of the present: aspects that seem unobtainable to us and difficult to grasp. As we look ahead, we can grasp a sense of how aspects will shape up, and then we are given choices. It is important to remember that the Tarot only points to possibilities for the future, how our future unfolds is still in our hands. The Tarot will however, shine a light into the present and illuminate the future so that we can move onwards more informed that ever.

Remember, the Tarot is a neutral force for good.