27. Feb, 2021

The Cards often predict the future, but when does this prediction occour?

A Question is asked...
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22. Feb, 2021

Readings update Feb 23rd 2021

What a month!
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13. Feb, 2021

A further look into Relationship Tarot

Will I, Should I, Can I, Might I...
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12. Feb, 2021

Yes and No Questions...are they possible?

A reader will often get asked to place a specific time date on a question or alternatively will be prompted to validate a question as a yes and no answer.
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9. Feb, 2021

Its in the Living!

Many times when asking a question of the cards the answer reveals more than the expected and a new dimension is opened.
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22. Jan, 2021

Star Death

Life after Life After Death
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17. Jan, 2021

Feed Back From Sitters

Here is some feedback from recent readings.
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3. Jan, 2021

Do you choose the cards, or do the cards choose you...

Coming Soon
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31. Dec, 2020

The Healing Properties of the Cards

A life without joy is a life without peace...
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30. Dec, 2020

The Magick of Meaning

As a reader, most will begin by studying the deck and discovering the meanings that have been attributed to the cards over the centuireies.
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29. Dec, 2020

A Medium, A Psychic, A Clairvoyant, A...?

So, I have been asked many times if a Tarot Reader is a medium, if a medium is a clairvoyant, if a clairvoyant is a psychic etc and onwards.
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28. Nov, 2020

Past, Present and Future. How do the cards see into these things?

In a sense the past, present and future rely upon each other or their very existence, like a series of bridges or supports that lead to a conclusion.
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