The cost of a reading is currently £20.00 for a half-hour  £15.00 for 20 minutes. To book your reading with me simply email me at with your date of birth and any question areas that you would like included within the reading. I offer elements of guidance with reading and questions can be based on love, career, finance etc.

I do not read for health, however.

I will then issue you a payment invoice via PayPal and your reading is returned 48 hours from booking. Reading are recorded and returned by email. The recording is both clear and easy to access, the return time is 24 hours.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes,


I now only offer one listing on eBay and if you wish to book using eBay please follow the links below



Over the years many people have requested a reading as a gift to a friend or loved one. If this is something that you would like to do then please contact me to book. The process is straight forwards. Once you have booked your gift you can provide me with the email of your chosen recipient and I will send a surprise email to them with the gift details and who it is from. They can then contact with questions for the reading.