Tarot Reading Prices and Booking Details

With Corona Virus I have adapted all readings so that they are recorded and sent to you via email. You can ask up to three questions per reading or ask for a general reading.

All readings are read with a Major Deck that consists of at least 21 cards and your reading will be a minimum of 30 mins in length.

I have also included the requested Angel / Tarot Card readings; these readings are 40 mins in length and the price is £20.00 per reading. These readings differ slightly from the Tarot Reading as they include positive guidance form the Angel Cards. Genuine Angel Cards are used, rather than  Angel themed Tarot Cards.

How to Book a Reading

Easy Way

Below you will see the links to my eBay listings, this I have found the easiest way to book a reading. I have put a selection of reading here for you to look over, just copy and paste the link into your browser where you will be taken to the reading and be able to purchase your booking. 

Please copy and paste the links into the browser.



Angel and Tarot




Angel and Tarot





Another Easy Way

If you would prefer to book a reading with me directly, payment can be made via Paypal to futuretarot@mail.com

When you book via Paypal please leave me a message with your name and return email address. I will then confirm your booking and your reading will be returned to the email that you have specified. Please also confirm any questions that you wish to ask, if you do not wish to ask questions then your reading will be general.

All readings are £15.00 for a Tarot (minimum 30 mins length) and £20.00 for Tarot / Angel (minimum 40 mins length)

Remember, you can ask a specific question of the Tarot, or upon request, you can be given a reading that will cover life aspects. 


The tarot is made up of many cards but the magic is the ability to find the true answer...