I enjoy giving readings and hope to read for you soon.


I began reading the cards around thirty years ago and was raised in a very positive psychic environment. The psychic was the norm and I did not have to go out and find it, it was already around me. My family has been involved with the psychic for many years, so I initially sat in development circles, whilst enjoying the experience of various psychics and mediums that were part of my childhood. My training was initially through psychic development circles and meditation, with the latter being a massive aid and doorway into the focus needed for the cards. As time progressed, the Cards began to feature more and more within my life and around 30 years ago I gave my first readings for those around me, and for those who needed guidance and help from the cards. At the same time, I continued with psychic development and the two aspects became linked, the cards became my chosen focus for psychic development. I also continued to study the Tarot academically and received a diploma within Tarot reading. The escalation was gradual, gentle and progressive. I found my self reading more and more and this encouraged me to develop further. Having a positive environment from which to develop whilst growing up has been very important for me. What I do today, I have always known.

I love giving readings and many of my sitters enjoy the readings that I offer via email. These are readings of a minimum of 30 mins in length that are recorded and then sent to you, you hear my voice as you would within a face to face reading. I am happy to offer the same service by phone, or face to face by arrangement. My recorded readings are very popular, as the distance is no object and you have the added advantage of having a copy of your reading to listen to and keep.

Please see my services section (above link) that lists all of my current readings on eBay. This is an excellent method to make a booking and I return your reading within 24 hours. You will receive a confirmation upon booking.

Readings help to guide people through life.

Reading can be for joy, love, spiritual matters and most other subjects. 

I do not read however for health, the doctor is best here.

Love, Light and Joy, Kit


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - How much should I expect to pay for a reading?

A-  Unlike most other trades, Tarot Reading does not have standard prices, you will find readings from nothing to several hundred pounds. In fact, it is not unheard for business to pay very high fees for a skilled reader. These days, the prices are even more bewildering, with the internet giving rise to the super cheap, and the ridiculously overpriced reading. At the end of the day, however, it should be remembered that any good reader will spend a considerable amount of time on your questions and a good one would usually prefer to read for one or two people a day, not several. It's all down to energy and the amount required to look deeply into the nature of questions on behalf of the sitter. So a good reader will certainly make a charge for their services, but importantly, a good reader will give back a reading that is in-depth and dimensional. It is also vitally important to remember that a genuine reader is not looking for profit as the bottom line, they are looking to help and guide people who have sincere questions. Reading is a serious matter and responsibility, so compassion should come before profit. On the other hand, any good reader will make a charge as they will be working with the Tarot on a regular basis and need to be realistic regarding their own material world.


Q- Are Tarot Readers, Mediums, Psychics and Clairvoyants the same thing.

A- No! The Tarot World is quite divided, and each reader has their own gift. Some simply use their intuitive skills to read the cards and interpret the spread to the questions, others use a psychic ability in combination with card reading. I read both the cards and add my psychic training into the reading, so its a combination of intuition and psychic perception. 


Q: How did you (me) learn Tarot?

A: My mother is a medium and a very successful one. As I was growing up all I can remember is streams of people coming back and forth for readings. She really has the finest reputation (now retired) and trained with many other notable previous generation psychics. The Tarot for me is nothing to do with modern fantasy, and all to do with the reality of how I was brought up.


Q- Is the Tarot really ancient.

A- The Tarot came from European playing cards that can still be purchased over in Italy and Spain. So, the deck itself does have roots spreading back hundreds of years, but the claim that it is Ancient is not really the case. A few books have suggested a connection between the cards and Ancient Eygpt, however this has not been proved and one look at European playing cards is enough to clarify the connection. My father (who is Italian) still plays the old Italian games with his cards, and he is still blissfully unaware that he is holding the ancestor to the Tarot. I haven't told him yet :)



Q - What makes the Tarot special, how does it actually work?

A - Firstly, the Tarot is a system by which the past, present and future can be explored and placed into context. It is a way of eradicating any uncertainties, and a tool by which a particular question can be framed and highlighted. The Tarot only works in the hands of a good reader and trust me this is of importance. The Tarot does not simply give up secrets, the cards present themselves for interpretation, and that very interpretation goes well beyond the books devoted to meanings. The energy that is created by a question is transferred to the Tarot and the reader becomes the voice for the answer. It is a process that takes up a lot of energy from the reader, and any good reader will make sure that they do not have too many readings a day. Energy is the answer.


Q- Is the Tarot good or bad?

A- Neither! The Tarot is neutral, it is only a tool; the reader on the other hand is the voice for the cards. What is true, is that the Tarot has received some unfair press over the years and been the subject of a few goofy movies, but the truth is really far more simple. The Tarot can bring great comfort and healing to anyone willing to listen, it can confirm the trends for the future and empower people to make informed choices. Anything that can do that is rather wonderful I think.


Q - How often should I request a reading?

A- It is normally best to consider reading as both applicable to the present and also as an indicator of the future, for this reason, it is inevitable that certain areas of your reading will come to fruition as time progresses. For this reason, I usually recommend that my sitters allow time for the current reading to work out, within certain circumstances however it is fine to read for a certain subject twice in succession. After the initial readings, a period of allowing life to shape is required and usually, the sitter will know in their heart when they feel that the time is correct for further clarification with the cards.